Sunday, January 10, 2010

I want to live in a kitchen

Well actually, I want to live in the kitchen at Leila’s cafĂ© in Shoreditch near Columbia Road market.

With its open workspace, industrial cabinetry and perfect Melbourne-style coffee, it would be my ideal place to cook and eat, entertain and live.

The kitchen would house every kitchen appliance, gadget and importantly magazine and cookbook, I own and desire to own. The wooden ranks would hold plates old and new, glassware, platters and bowls.

The benches would be my library and display area from a book of M.K.Fisher’s letters to framed menus that I have collected (or should I say liberated) from restaurants and cafes where I have eaten. Overhead would be the crowning glory of pots and pans, large cooking instruments.

From the kitchen and simply divided by a wooden bar, I could look upon the living area with a large table for entertaining.

A perfect world.